1. is NEW. This item has never been opened and is factory sealed where applicable. It has never been ever used etc. I find it funny that new needs to be defined, but for some sellers new doesn't mean new!

2. has VERY light wear and looks like it has extremely well taken care of. If this is mechanical/electronic/etc, it works just as it should.

3. has surface wear, but is fully functional and works just as it should. Normal wear includes scratches/smudging/etc. It has been used and free of any major damage. Wear through normal use is expected. This will likely need cleaning upon arriving at your home or business.

4. is an UNTESTED ITEM. This means exactly what it says. It is free of any damage and APPEARS to be functional. I have not tested it and I am selling it AS-IS WITH NO RETURNS.

5. has some damage above what it is considered normal wear. If it is mechanical or electronic it will have limited tested function. This item is being sold AS-IS.

6. This item is sold for parts or repair. It is has been tested and is NOT WORKING. This is sold AS-IS.

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